Vejle Municipality

Banegårdspladsen 6, 7100 Vejle
+45 7681 1925 Website

Working together

In Vejle Municipality, we work closely with the great venues and hotels of our municipality. Our task is to help make Vejle a first choice for conferences and meetings. As a partner of MeetingVejle, we are always aware of new developments within our network of partners.

In Vejle Municipality, we take a broader view. We help develop events and contribute to the network and partnership of MeetingVejle and its 10 members. Three to five times a year, we jointly create and coordinate major events in the municipality of Vejle that draw many Danish and international visiting guests. We can only achieve this through nurturing strong collaborative with the network partners of MeetingVejle.

A multitude of opportunities

As a partner of MeetingVejle, we help lend visibility to the many opportunities Vejle offers and to the other nine partners of our network. This is a great strength. For while some players offer their advantage as venues for day meetings, others can provide capacity for large music events. Others yet again excel in combining meetings and conferences with activities in nature.

Jointly seeking the best solution

Since MeetingVejle consists of a joint network of professional players, the other nine partners are natural competitors, yet also consultants within their field. Vejle Municipality ensures that the network partners meet so we can work together and make the best use of our diverse offerings. And we assess our efforts, allowing us to constantly develop. The partners of MeetingVejle all know each other well and can advise guests on suitable options within our diverse network.

Great hospitality

Vejle Municipality and the other network partners of MeetingVejle seek to offer great hospitality. Each partner takes responsibility, delivers on their promise and knows that great hospitality is important not only during but also before and after your visit. We are not out to simply entice you to place your business with us. Together, we seek to offer such an outstanding experience that you will naturally wish to return.